11 February 2009

Old Red Hook Storefront Having Weird New Life as Art Gallery

The open-air, no-charge, living museum that is the Red Hook storefront at 382 Van Brunt Street hasn't changed in forever (except at Christmas, when it is draped in boughs and wreaths). The windows have displayed the same aging array of dusty mercantile junk (an old GE neon sign, a sled, a suitcase, a fire hose, a bottle of bubbly) for years. But a recent viewing saw the store breathing a little contemporary air.

Displayed on either side of the weathered door are two small oil paintings depicting urban Brooklyn scenes. Are they for sale? Just for show? Did the building's owner paint them? Will there be other, different art exhibits in the future?

Frankly, I feel they spoil the former airless purity of the window display.

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