18 February 2009

Some Stuff That's Interesting

The Day-O restaurant, long vacant on W. 12th, has finally been repossessed. [Eater]

Some guys from Austin bought the interior of the old Cedar Tavern. Why does New York keep shipping its treasure out of town? [Grub Street]

The owners of P&G Bar and Grill did quite follow procedure when removing their iconic neon sign. [City Room]

The mystery of the long-closed Two Boots restaurant on Avenue A dissected. [EV Grieve]

Neat pictures of the decaying (and landmarked) Samuel R. Smith Infirmary building on Staten Island. [Kingston Lounge]

The Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop celebrated. [The World According to Bitchcakes]

1 comment:

Richard Nickel, Jr. said...

Hey, just to clear something up - as I explained in the blog entry (I hope it was clear?) the LPC considered landmark status for the S. R. Smith Infirmary building back in the 80s, and nothing came of the proceedings. That's why they claim they can't address it now.

Technically, the building is not landmarked as of present day.

(But keep your eyes peeled; two landmarked buildings are going to be featured in the next week or so)