21 February 2009

New, But Not Good, News About Vesuvio

The New York Times digs into the Vesuvio Bakery mystery in tomorrow's paper, trying to figure out what's been going on with the iconic Soho storefront in the several months since its closed last year (and nicely linking to some Lost City coverage in the process).

Here's what they found out, and none of it's very encouraging:

Finally, near the end of last month, a “for rent” sign appeared in the window, and earlier last week, a real estate broker could be seen examining the space for clients who, he said, were interested in opening an epicurean deli.

One issue underlying these seemingly mysterious twists and turns is a dispute involving the bakery’s owners and the landlord of the six-story building whose ground floor the business occupied.

“My first choice would be to have continued on and have a historic bakery in a historic building,” said William Korn, a part owner of the building who lives in Colorado. “That’s not how it worked out.”

On Wednesday, under a court- ordered eviction, the bakery’s lock was changed, the landlords’ lawyer said.

So, Vesuvio won't be coming back after all. All we can hope is that the new tenant keeps the great storefront in tact, and does something in the line of food service.

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