24 February 2009

Some Stuff That's Interesting

Pictures of the redo of Minetta Tavern have been released. Looks pretty gorgeous, with murals, caricatures and general historic spirit intact. Nice. [Eater]

The Moondance Diner, formerly of Soho, has opened in Wyoming. [Crain's]

Long Island City's landmark Pepsi sign is being reassembled. [Curbed]

Dunderheaded Rockefeller Center plans to convert the Rainbow Room into offices. Is that any way to treat a cultural landmark? [Eater]

Edwin Trinka, for 46 years the doorman at the Plaza, is retiring. [City Room]

This McDonald's is a Child's. [Ephemeral New York]

What are you looking at? [Restless]

Forgotten New York looks at some Places.


Ken Mac said...

the exterior of Minetta Tavern looks equally. Handsome wood finish, large windows, classic large wooden blinds. My prayer is that somehow this now classy joint survives, and raises the entire block. Now if that sounds like gentrification...well I just don't know. MacDougal is scummy otherwise.

Melanie said...

That hot pink manse pictured here is in Park Slope, right??