23 February 2009

A Good Sign: Killarney Rose

The Killarney Rose has been holding up its corner of Pearl Street in lower Manhattan for 41 years.


Mykola Dementiuk said...

Man, I used to go drinking there after work in the '70s. The place was always packed with blue collar drinkers after work. I loved the place...that is until I stopped drinking in the '80s...sigh, those were the days. :(((

Lisanne said...

A most beautiful sign indeed!

mingusal said...

A lot of Coast Guard used to drink there back when Governors Island was still open. Downtown would be absolutely empty, like a ghost-town, on weeknights and weekends back then. Except for Killarney Rose and its glowing sign beckoning you in for a couple of pops before the short cold ferry ride back to the base and its little Midwest of parking lots, bowling alleys, and Burger Kings.