21 April 2009

A Good Sign: Dapper Dan

Curbed ran this picture of a piece of vintage signage recently revealed on 14th Street. Dapper Dan, featuring Imperial Clothes. Hey, I'd shop there!


Ken Mac said...

Oohhh. I love this. Better than my recent shots taken in direct sunlight. How long will it last....Maybe they'll put a T Mobile store in!

Therese Cox said...

Looks like Dapper Dan has amassed a cult of secret admirers. I've already got him (and his 139) slated for May 19th. Love it.

Ryan P said...

make way for the bagel shop, the sign is almost gone: http://ourmofoto.tumblr.com/post/266461042/the-recently-uncovered-1940s-era-dapper-dan