02 April 2009

Patois' "Rude Owners" Move Brooklyn Restaurant to Mulberry Street

Those rumors you heard about pioneering Smith Street eatery Patois moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan—they're not rumors anymore. It's there, at 177 Mulberry Street!

So says a big piece of paper in the window of the French restaurant's old Smith Street space, which it vacated last January. Titled "For Immediate Release," it says that "we are now open 7 days and feature the same great food and wine and are run by the same rude owners. We now have a full-bar so you can start your meal with a dirty, Ketel One martini straight up!"

Among the "bullet points" listed on a separate piece of paper are "virtually stress free parking after 7 PM" (who drives?) and "Hit Whole Foods on the way back!" (who wants to?) and "$12.95 unlimited mimosas" (uh, ick).

I'm sorry, did the owners lose their sense of taste on the trip over the East River? A dirty Ketel One martini, indeed. Good thing they beat it out of Smith Street before the Clover Club cocktail police came after them for shit like that.



Ed said...

Their cooking seemed to decline recently so its no big loss for Carroll Gardens. Hopefully they will shake things up with the move. They are now just one out of many Manhattan restaurants. I've lived in both boroughs, and the main difference for restaurants is that a higher percentage of the clientele in Manhattan will have to come from outside the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

What made them "rude"??

Not very good writing.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Dope. The owners called themselves "rude." I didn't. It's their little joke.

Not very good reading.