03 April 2009

A Good Sign: Nu-Look Cleaners

Need a new look? Or, better yet, a Nu-Look? Here's the dry cleaners for you. On E. 85th Street.


Upstate Johnny Gee said...

Hi Brooks....love the blog!!! I used your recent column this weekend to explore Lex between 70 and 86th. Laskoff's pharmacy was incredible, and I had lunch at the Lexington candy store nearby. Thanks!! Also, saw a sign you might like (sorry no camera with me ) at about 328 E 79th. It's a custom framing shop that looks like it's been there for a long long time. It's called Frank's and Joseph's, and there is a small sign in the window that says they do blocking of tapestries and oil paintings! I had no idea you could have an oil painting blocked. These could be the last guys in the city who offer this service, as I've seen tons of other framing shops but no other sign like this one. Check it out!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I'm so glad the guide was of use to you, UJG, and that you had the opportunity to take in those places. I'll have to check out Frank's and Joseph's. Btw, love your name.