15 April 2009

A Rare Occurance

Not in general. Just for me. 15 years living in the South Brooklyn area and today was the first time I was present when one of the bridges over the Gowanus Canal was going up to let a vessel pass through. It was the 3rd Street Bridge. I got to see official bridge personnel in action!


ChickenUnderwear said...

Have you ever seen the Carroll St Bridge slide. That is cool!

Carol Gardens said...

Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment used to have Gowanus Canal boat tours, where you could see them raise the bridges from the water. They had to arrange this in advance, because obviously, it is not a full-time job! And the guy would have to raise and lower one bridge, then race ahead to be at the next when the boat arrived.

Sadly, BCUE just shut down at the beginning of April.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I've been in line waiting to pass more times than I care to remember when traveling under the BQE. I've been lucky enough to see the 3rd Street bridge go up a couple of times. That's much more pleasant.