06 April 2009

What Your Mayor Is Up To

Pretending to be like Obama, so Democrats will like him.

Pretending to be a Republican so conservatives like him. [The Daily News]

Killing Harlem with his rezoning schemes. [NY Post]

Killing Willets Point with his rezoning schemes, not to mention abuse of eminent domain and the police department. [Daily News via Queens Crap]

Killing Coney Island with his city planning schemes and dickering over price. [NY Observer]

Killing trees with his vanity art projects. [Gothamist]

Paying out money to spread trash about his rivals. [NY Times]

DUMP this lying, scheming, autocratic megalomaniac in 2008. He's a toxin. He's a cancer. He's the new one-man political Mafia. He's not your friend. He's nobody's friend.

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Nesta said...

Too late for that, but you can try in 2009.