17 April 2009

What Your Mayor Is Up To, Part III

Betting impatient with disabled people. [City Room]

Maintaining that the press don't need to have a presence at police headquarters, because, you know, nothing newsworthy ever happens there, and it's not like the police will become corrupt or anything if the press aren't watching them. [NY Post]

Showing unstinting support for the financial titans who have brought the City, nation and world low. [NY Times]

Opposing money from the EPA that would clean up the Gowanus Canal, because such a project would slow development in the area. [NYT via Queens Crap]

Hogging all the party lines at the ballot box, even though he's supposedly independent and above politics. [NY Observer]

Now, just imagine you're a disabled, poor Democrat reporter who wants the Gowanus cleaned up—oooh, how Bloomberg would hate you.

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Blayze said...

If only NYC had a cool, down to earth, caring mayor like San Francisco's Gavin Newsom.