02 May 2011

The Brooklyn Heights Hillbillies

I'm not sure what the deal is with this grand home, one of the several brownstones on Columbia Terrace whose backs face the esplanade and the East River. The building's swank enough from the front. But the back porch! Usually, the owners of these million-dollar properties have lovely, tricked-out balconies from which to drink their Chardonnay and watch the sunshine. This balcony, however, could be in West Virginia. Anyone got a banjo? Not criticizing here, mind you. Nor do I necessarily want the owners to spruce the balcony up. I kind of like the contrast.


Anonymous said...

This is an apartment building, which had the front and rear facades cleaned a few years ago. But you're right, the little back porch is in horrible condition, with screens torn lose from the windows, the roof with a hole in it, and in terrible condition. I live a couple of blocks away, and have *never* seen anyone on it. -A.Porter

Matthew said...

I love it. I saw a couple of old ladies hanging out back there last summer and they looked to be about the same vintage as the porch itself.