26 May 2011

Lights Out on Jade Mountain

A solace to those who continue to mourn the closing of the old-school Chinese restaurant Jade Mountain has been the continuing presence of the classic, two-sided, "Chow Mein" neon sign at the joint's old East Village location. Even as the bar Shoolbred's moved in, with its own (pretty handsome) neon sign, the old signage remained, and remained lit.

No longer. The sign's still there. But it's as dark as midnight. I'm sure the bulbs all just burnt out eventually, and weren't replaced. (Only half of the sign's letters were lit when Shoolbred moved in.) It's a shame, though. That sign should blaze brightly for all time.

1 comment:

Ken Mac said...

i liked the old place, a classic Chinese joint with equally classic signage. but the food was literally rotten. The last time we ate there everything was bad, and spoiled. Inedible. Wonder how that kind of stuff happens.