10 May 2011

No Restrictions on Entertainment or Dancing

This building, obviously a once-dignified edifice, stands on its own at 29-13 Queens Plaza East, otherwise know as Northern Boulevard, in Long Island City. There's nothing to the left, nothing to the right. And a million highway overpasses overhead. It's hard to imagine this was once a desirable business thoroughfare.

But it must have been. Look at the tall, arching doorway, and the sculpted dual eagles about it. As recently as 1983, this was a "drinking establishment without restrictions on entertainment or dancing." A hilarious description.

Was it was before that is easy to deduce. It's right there on the side of the wall! A fading ads proclaims the home of Peter Demetrious & Sons Incorporate Insurance. The firm still exists. It just moved to a more central office, near Court Square. This space, meanwhile, is for rent. It's so isolated and bleak, the only use I can think for it is a club or a speakeasy style bar.


Grade "A" Fancy said...

I pass this bldg all the time on the train and the bus and it just kills me with gorgeousness. I do think it has been in use at some point in the last ten years, a scary disco if memory serves. I do not want to see it razed.

Ken Mac said...

Was on my way to LIC this past weekend to shoot stuff (on your earlier recco) when my bike hit a pothole, I flew over the handlebars and ended up in the hospital. but I will be back!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Oh my God! Get better soon, Ken!