19 May 2011

More Exclusive Subway Exits

A week or so ago, I posted about a Duane Reade in Times Square that had its own subway entrance on its lower level. People proved to be very interested in this topic and some asked me to compile a larger list of New York businesses that enjoy exclusive access to the underground. I haven't found time to put together such a list. But someone at this blog has, so I'm just going to commandeer their information wholesale. (Thanks, guys!) Here's what they came up with (to which I've added a couple of my own):
  • Canal St A/C/E has an exit into the AT&T building
  • Jay St-Metrotech A/C/F/R has an exit into 370 Jay, which used to be an MTA building but is currently abandoned
  • 34th St N/Q/R/B/D/F/V exits into Manhattan Mall (there is a closed passageway underground, owned by the mall, that once connected to Penn Station)
  • South Ferry 1/Whitehall R exits into the Staten Island Ferry terminal
  • 28th St 6 exits into the New York Life building
  • Penn Station & Grand Central subways have numerous connecting exits
  • Wall St 4/5 exits into a couple buildings
  • There's an exit into a Duane Reade at 42nd and 8th (A/C/E, PABT)
  • Astor Place (6) exits to Kmart
  • Clark St 2/3 - the elevators exit into a strip mall in the ground floor of the Hotel St. George. 
  • Several of the buildings that make up Rockefeller Center have their own subway entrance.
  • 42nd Street 4/5/6 exits into the Chrysler Building.
  • 59th Street 4/5/6 exits directly into Bloomingdale's.
  • Wall Street 2/3 exits into One Chase Manhattan Plaza.
  • Fulton Street 2/3 exits into 110 William Street.
  • Park Place 2/3 exits into the Woolworth Building
  • 42nd Street 1/2/3/N/R/W/7 etc. exits into Reuters building.
  • 66th Street 6 train exits into Lincoln Center complex.
  • 23rd Street 6 train exits into 1 Madison Street.
  • Grand Central 4/5/6 exits into Lincoln Building


Matt said...

Couple additional ones:

2/3 @ wall street to One Chase Manhattan Plaza

Fulton St (2/3/etc) to 110 William St.

Also, South Ferry, to my knowledge, no longer exits to the Ferry terminal (the old loop did).

Ian W. said...

Ha! Love that you picked this up. All the exits listed were reported from memory (some from your blog specifically, as you surely noticed) so I apologize for any inaccuracies. I might need to compile a more reliable index in light of the interest. It is certainly a fascinating topic.

Peter said...

2/3 @ Park Place - the Woolworth Building (to street)

42nd Times Square - Reuters bldg.

Mark said...

Downtown 6 at 23rd into 1 Madison Ave. 4/5 at Wall Street into Deutsche Bank (60 Wall). Lincoln Building and Cipriani 42nd at Grand Central.

Grade "A" Fancy said...

Thanks. This is great!

Additional: a few more Grand Central subway exits, including the Chanin Building.

Anonymous said...

One update comment for one of your entrances. The South Ferry subway station no longer exits directly into the ferry terminal. Since the reconstruction of that subway stop you come up into Peter Minunit plaza and make a short dash to the terminal building. The new subway station is pretty amazing and worth the minor change.

Florry said...

There used to be an entrance into A&S (now Macy's) on Fulton Street - I believe it was the Hoyt Street station on the 2/3