11 May 2011

Riedel in Winn-derland

Either Cobble Hill's cut-rate palace Winn Discount—ahem, Winn Home & Beauty—is coming up in the world or Riedel glassware is coming down.

I saw this sign in the window of Winn and did a double take. The king of crystal wine stemware in my neighborhood discount housewares joint?

I went inside. Sure enough. They have tons of Riedel! Including the glasses I use at home. Right next to the Libby glasses. I'd say the coup is Winn's, not the Austrian glassmaker's.

The marriage still shows signs of growing pains however. For instance, Winn spelled Riedel wrong in the sign. Twice.


Ken Mac said...

wow, that's a deal on Riedel glassware... beautiful storefront

Anonymous said...

Riedel glassware is an example of a "masstige" product. Coach handbags and Godiva chocolates are other good examples. These products give off the aura of being handcrafted in limited quantities by skilled artisans, when in reality they're churned out in huge volume on factory assembly lines.