30 May 2011

Bye Bye Black Pussycat

A reader alerted me to this recent comment on the Ephemeral New York blog: 
I sure hope that Ephemeral New York, as a great voice, educator, custodian and proponent for NYC history and historic preservation posts something about the arrogance and ignorance of the owners of Panchitos. With one coat of paint, Panchitos robbed countless people for generations to come, the pleasure of wandering down Minetta Street and “discovering” a true rare moment of ephemeral NY. I suspect that Panchitos knew exactly what they were doing.
As the Village continues to lose a big part of its DNA… I don’t see this as a small loss..

Neither do I. This old sign was a lovely reminder of the Village's artistic past. I posted about the history of the cafe/theatre here back in February 2010.

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Ken Mac said...

I live around the corner, walk the Lane all the time. And I didn't notice til you told me. Crap. Why did they do that? I bet they were paid by someone shooting a movie, happens all the time.