21 September 2011

Carroll Gardens Homeowner's Thumb Too Green

The residents at 198 Union Street sure like plants. As long as I've know this address (more than a decade), the stoop, walls and courts have overflowed with greenery. Summer, spring, fall and winter, the  plants are there, nearly blocking the way to the door (feel sorry for the UPS man), covering the brownstone walls, turning the courtyard into a forest.

The foliage is always in good shape. So, either someone has a green thumb, or a lot of dumb luck. Somehow, I picture a lot of cats living inside.

Even the city trees has come to feel copasetic to the building. See how the sidewalk tree reaches out to the brownstone bush, creating a canopy, an impromptu arbor?


concetta said...

hate that i have to duck the arbor in order to walk by. cut that shit down.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. A "faux-hemian" brat moved into our building and did the same thing (though not as bad as this photo...yet). Beyond rude as a communal resident and completely encroaching. It ruins the simple, elegant aesthetic of a beautiful brownstone.

Katie H said...

that's gorgeous! What a way for the lovely living plants to reach for each other in the midst of the concrete jungle they inhabit.