16 September 2011

Ritual on Wheels

Long before haute cart food culture ran amok, there was Moshe's Falafel. The cart, long a fixture at Sixth and W. 46th, has been serving up what is basically artisan falafel for more than a decade. And the line has always been long every lunchtime. Unlike the many other food carts that haunt the city streets these days, however, Moshe's practices a religion beyond the foodie cult. Actual religion, in fact. It's a little bit of Borough Park in Midtown. Thus, it is the only food cart I know that has a sink attached, where the observant can ritually wash their hands before eating.


Anonymous said...

I've eaten from here a bunch of times and have never seen the sink!

Choresh Wald said...

The Dosa cart on Washington Square South has a sink too