13 September 2011

Penn Station and Its Kooky Stores

There's not much appealing about the modern Penn Station. But I am sort of strangely charmed by the oddball assortment of indy businesses that have found a home in the seedy bowels of that transit hub.

Of all the wordplays on the word tie, Tiecoon has got to be the worst, the corniest. Which, of course, makes it awesome.

The dumbest dope off the train knows instinctually that there's nothing elegant about Penn Station. So it's absurd that any shop in the terminal should called itself Elegance. Furtherly absurd that they should give the word two unnecessary accents. (Try saying the word obeying both accents. Just try.)

Again, here, the shop owner does not seem to have taken into account the reputation of Penn Station. The words Penn and Sushi do not add up to an appetizing combination.


KSx said...

I noticed Tiecoon too; the booming orange and yellow sign just adds to what(ever)'s going on.

I wondered if they'd ever sold a tie, but maybe a lot of ties get wrecked on the way to work at the fastfood joints down there.

The Mighty Omega said...

I've actually bought a few ties at Tiecoon, they have interesting ties, if you like the cartoon character/novelty type. It's convenient for that last minute lousy gift.