18 September 2011

The Fate of Fultummy's

Fultummy's, the erratic but strangely endearing sandwich joint on Columbia Street in Brooklyn, appears to have sliced its last loaf. It's been closed for nearly a month, with a hard-to-interpret sign on the door reading "Sorry. We are closed." What? For good? For the day?

On the restaurant's blog, the owners last posted on July 20, saying they would reopen on July 27. My hopes aren't high. The place was addled from the first, never strictly keeping to its posted hours, always closing at the drop of the hat to "improve the menu," forgetting to fire up the stove on some days. They never really got their act together. It would be a shame if they closed, however. The sandwiches were good. The fries, too. And the iced coffee was the best in the vicinity. Also loved the free wi-fi.

This address, by the way, is the first home of the old Brooklyn bakery Monteleone's.

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