14 September 2011

Frank's of Dongan Hills

Just a few steps from the Dongan Hills station on Staten Island's only subway line there is Frank's Barber Shop. There isn't much in Dongan Hills, commerce wise, so I would guess Frank's might count as a sort of community hub, even though there are two other barbers within walking distance of the business.

It's an old-fashioned barber shop with old-fashioned chairs, a lot of old photographs on the wall, and a display case full of old barbering equipment. I have no idea how long it's been there. 1950s, at least, but probably earlier.

I like this sign. I imagine it once hung outside the shop. Today, it sits inside the display window.


Sell WoW Account said...

vintage! i really like it.:)

Ken Mac said...

yea, great sign, great find