22 September 2011

City Creates Cages for Times Square Mall Tourists

Finally, the City has come up with a solution as to what to do with all those tourists loafing around the food court/pedestrian mall/eyesore the Bloomberg administration has made out of Times Square. They've set down a few bowl-like wooden cages for the lazy, unsightly loungers, thus making it easier for busy, rushing New Yorkers to go about their midtown business. To subvert any pesky unwillful imprisonment laws, the City has wisely kept the cages open, making entry and exit a completely voluntary matter. Not surprisinglyly, the tourists walk right in and seem the like the enclosures. Let's have more of these teacup-shaped tourist traps! 


Tinderbox said...

That is beyond goofy. They look like unfinished plywood projects or deteriorated Disney teacup rides.

I moved out of Manhattan in 1997 and haven't visited since. I don't think I'd even recognize it today.

maximum bob said...

Roaches check in but they don't
check out... heh heh