17 November 2011

Deli Skyline

Sometimes delis can surprise you. A lot are interchangeable. But fairly often, proud owners do a little something decor- or merchandise-wise to set their business apart.

I happened on with narrow deli on Lexington on the Upper East Side that has an entire Midtown Manhattan skyline made out of tile on the wall. It's impossible to take the whole thing in at once (let alone photograph it) because much of it is blocked by the salad bar. Because of this, I doubt that many of the deli customers actually notice it.


Ed said...

There is a small but annoying mistake there. Where is this deli? Is it on Lexington on the Upper East Side, or on some other avenue on the Upper West Side. Lexington never goes to the Upper West Side.

Ed said...

Also, this is off topic, but will be of interest to readers here, and the comment goes better with this post than with something like the Zucotti Park post below.

I recently went back to the strange old bar next to the former location of the M Wells restaurant in Long Island City, which I had discovered through being highlighted here. The bar had kept restricted hours, but I remembered it had been open during rush hour, to serve the commuter traffic transferring between the 7 and the LRR at Hunter's Point. I went at 5:30 PM yesterday and the bar was closed and shuttered.

The closing of the restaurant had gotten alot of attention, but no one had written about the fate of the adjacent bar, which in better days the restaurant had hoped to take over. Apparently the owners of the building were separate from both, and neither the bar or the restaurant are part of their future plans for the place. Lets hope that the structures at least don't get demolished.