17 November 2011

Racugglia Funeral Home Takes Down Old Neon Sign

The Raccuglia Funeral Home, one of the oldest businesses in Carroll Gardens has taken down the classic vertical neon sign that has for decades hung off the corner building. No word yet on why this was done. But it's unlikely it's being sent out for repair. After all, the lights haven't worked for 20 years. Why would they fix it now.

The sign has been fairly obscured for the last few years owing the the scaffolding that has surrounded the building for what seems like an eternity. (You can see what the sign looked like in better days below.) I have wondered for a long time what's up with the "remedial repairs" on the building, as indicated on the DOB records. I've never seen workers make a single repair to the structure. It's not like Racugglia can't afford the work. That funeral home is never not busy.


Carol Gardens said...

Strangely, while the scaffolding was up, from certain angles it looked like the sign said "FUN".

Anonymous said...

That funeral home is never not busy.

People are just dying to get in.