14 November 2011

Turkey's Nest OK

Eater informs us of a potential Lost City landmark crisis moment that I didn't even know about, which is a good thing, because I've got enough to worry about, and have my health to think about.

Apparently, the DOH shut down the beloved Williamsburg dive the Turkey's Nest a few weeks back, and folks were wondering if the 100-year-old dive was going to reopen. Well, it has. "The bar's staff put in nine long days to make the necessary repairs to bring the place up to code, including giving the floors an aggressive wipe-down, and removing the coin operated machines that helped make the Turkey's Nest mouse heaven. One word of caution: although the bar is selling it's beloved $4 32 oz beers in styrofoam cups again, the margarita machine has not yet reappeared." Whew.

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