15 November 2011

Images of Occupy Wall Street

To me, it came as no surprise that our fair city's richest citizen—Hizzoner to you—would never sympathize wit or even understand Occupy Wall Street. The movement was, after all, a direct rebuke of people like Bloomberg and his buddies downtown, folks the mayor has been telling us since 2008 are decent people who work hard and are really smart and didn't have anything to do with the economy capsizing. Staring every day at national coverage of a protest over which you have little power can be very frustrating to a man who's used to wielding absolute power in every room (or park) he walks into. Downright emasculating, in fact. It can grate on a man. He didn't get into politics for the money after all. If he can't have power what's the point? So you wipe the worthless peons of the map.

I took these pictures a bit over a week ago on a day when I spent a few hours roaming Zuccotti Park, taking in the scene. I found none of the obvious threats threats to public safety or welfare that the Mayor (and Fox News) talk about. The encampment was, in fact, almost mind-bogglingly organized. I've been to family campouts and company picnics messier and more chaotic. Anyway, here are some images from that historic moment in time. All of what you see is now gone.

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dash said...

The movement is not over- it's only just begun.