18 November 2011

Ear Inn Gets Renovation

This seems to be the season for classic NYC bar renovations. First the Subway Inn. Now SoHo's Ear Inn. Reports Eater:

Some patrons may have been alarmed to find the historic Ear Inn closed recently. But don't worry - like the Subway Inn, the Ear Inn's closure was only temporary to allow for some minor renovations. The bar had originally closed for what they thought was a few days to replace some tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, but they discovered some cracked support beams when they removed the floor boards. Ear Inn owner Martin Sheridan tells the Villagerthat they had to install new wooden beams alongside the old ones that are probably 200 years old, and that the $100,000 worth of work has made the building more structurally sound then ever before. The almost 200 year old restaurant and bar reopened last night and the kitchen will be serving food again by next week. 
Wonder what the status of the old phone booth is.


Buy Art Online said...

This is one of the unsung symbol of NYC. Not many people especially the tourist knew about the importance of these places. In them carries some history of the city.

Cesc Sales said...

Good news!!