15 April 2010

Some Scenes From South Brooklyn's Past

I sometimes talk on this blog about Leonardo's, the brick-oven pizza place that used to be on Court Street, near First Place. But I've never had a picture to post. Here it is, on a snowy day in, I don't know, the late '90s. There's a Dunkin' Donuts there now. How I hate it.

Some sort of parade (Halloween?) down Court Street in, I'm guessing, the 1980s. That must be the first incarnation of Casa Rosa in the background. The building's been salmon pink as long as I've known it, and that's 16 years.

I'm reaching way back here to a place only few people living still remember. A long time ago, there used to be an ice cream parlor on Court Street, near Baltic, called Ebel's. It was one of three beloved ice cream joints on Court, one of them called Swede's, near Carroll Street. In 1964, the New York Times referred to it as "a candy store with a good reputation." Every old South Brooklyn kid who recalls it describes it as a popular hangout of its day. This photo is from Ebel's earliest days. Jeez. What a place. I'd hang out there, too. I'd never leave.


R said...

I wish we still had ice cream parlors like that in the neighborhood. Baskin Robbins is terrible. I miss Peter's Ice Cream on Atlantic Ave, that's what I grew up with.

Bill Evans said...

My mom worked at Carl Ebel's ice cream parlor in Brooklyn, when she was a teenager.She took me there when I was a young boy,after her employment there, because she had to show me she could still put together a wonderful ice cream soda.The picture is exactly how I remember sitting at the counter at Ebel's.Mom shared many wonderful memories of her early experiences there.Evelyn passed away 8 years ago;she would have been 86 this year, so her Ebel's days go back about 70 years or so, and my visit to Ebel's was probably in 1955.