10 September 2007

Astroland Au Revoir

Yesterday was the final day for Astroland's "adult" rides (the kiddie rides will apparently soldier on until mid-October). Try as I might, I couldn't get down there, so laden with work was I. It made me sad. But I had visited every other weekend this summer and I got my fair share of last looks.

Gowanus Lounge was on the scene for what seemed like all day and he's got some wonderful pictures here, here and especially here. If you don't choke up seeing the Zipper ride ride down Surf Avenue on the back of a flatbed truck, never to return, you haven't got a heart. The picture of Astroland owner Carol Albert, stonefaced, staring down the microphones, is also a classic. And then there's the choice shot of Joe Sitt being drawn and quartered on the boardwalk. No, wait—that was in my dream last night.

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