06 September 2007

Mom and Pop: Bloomberg Hates You

The New York Sun ran an article today saying that the City Council, worrying that New York's urban character is being washed away in a flood of faceless, ubiquitous chain stores, is mulling over "property tax breaks and zoning changes [that] could be used to prevent bigger businesses crowding out smaller ones." However, it is thought that Michael "Culture Crisis? What Culture Crisis?" Bloomberg would not support any such measure.

Well, of course he wouldn't. Free Market Capitalism worked very well for the fake-subway-rider, didn't it? So, it works for everyone else in New York City, right? Right?

The city's small-business commissioner, Robert Walsh—and this is the City's small-business commissioner, mind you—was quoted in the Sun that he was "concerned" that people "are frowning upon, if you will, many of the nationally recognized businesses."

Well, why would we do that? Those fine nationally recognized businesses—they're so kind, so benevolent, so nurturing, so nationally recognized. WTF!? Hey, Walsh!: the "people" do not view corporate monoliths as their pals just because they've heard of them. People may, however, have a friend at the corner store or the local pharmacy. I don't think Starbucks is going to let me pay for my coffee the next time I swing by if I happen to forget my wallet.

Walsh also said he doesn't know such Mom and Pop shop tax breaks would work. Well, Einstein, you and Bloomie figured out how to wedge a few hundred big boxes into a maze of narrow streets. Give this one a little think-think. Spend some pillow time with it. I'm sure you'll come up with something.

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Anonymous said...

Geez, not to mention that Starbucks' reiterated policy in the case of events like the midtown gasline explosion (and another 9/11?) is to lock the doors of its establishments. So along with a gross dereliction of any social responsibility, they're openly advocating mass kidnapping...I'll have that crapucinno to go, please.