25 September 2007

Rich People, Regardless of Race, Creed or Color, Welcomed at Plaza

The common folk breathed a sigh of relief some time back when they learned that the Condo Gods would allow some parts of the classic Plaza Hotel to remain hotel rooms. They can now breathe double easy in knowing that, come Jan. 1, said rooms are availble for nightly rental for anyone who has $775 in their pocket.

There are some stipulations, of course. Would be lodgers must hand over the fee white wearing white gloves, and a bespoke suit and/or designer dress that cost no less than $1,000. (Receipts must be presented upon demand.) The money must be bundled with a sold-gold-plated money band, and placed in a 100% genuine leather case lined with red velvet. While the tenant is staying in the room, they must order champagne (Krug or Dom Perignon will do) every hour on the hour.

The services of Eloise can be purchased starting at $100 an hour. What you do with her is your business.

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