16 September 2007

Zito Agonistes

I don't know when this happened or why, but it's certainly no way to treat what was once sacred ground in Greenwich Village.

The legendary Bleecker Street bakery A. Zito & Sons, which closed in 2004, has stood sadly vacant for the past three years. A sign in the window enticing new tenants had no effect. But now that sign is gone. And so is the window. Somebody or something rendered the pane of glass into a pile of shards, and the window has been covered with plywood, while the remaining surfaces of the narrow storefront have been defaced with graffiti.

The last time I checked on Zito, I was told that the lease to Zito had been sold to a small company which was shortly thereafter gobbled up by a bigger company. The bigger company has since proved "difficult" and sits on its hands and matters have come to a standstill.

Can no one save this address from these indignities.


Unknown said...

Can no one save this address from these indignities.

Perhaps, but only if you spell Bleecker correctly.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Goddamit! I always do that! I've corrected it now.