12 September 2007

Mystery Sign: Anel French Cleaners

I don't know what the story is behind Anel French Cleaners on Columbus Avenue in Manhattan. The sign's a classic, but "Anel"? It even goes by "Anel" in various internet business listings.

My guess is, a long time back, it used to say "Chanel French Cleaners" and then Chanel got their team of lawyers on the dry-cleaners' ass. So they chopped the "Ch" off the sign. The "a" of "Anel" is obviously a lower-case specimen, after all. I like the little Eiffel Tower, too.


Anonymous said...

I suppose you're weeping over Coney Island, too, right? Place is an eye sore.
Never was in that McHale's bar they tore down but I bet it was some scummy dive like the thousand others all over the city. Sometimes the past is just the past, and buildings are just buildings. Tear down the old ugly decrepit things.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

What an ugly comment. I pity you, James Bleed, and would hate to meet you. Someone should tear down your mind as a living eyesore.

Former Tulsan said...

James Bleed. Are you for real? I suppose you like all the ugly glass boxes that are trying to take over the Upper West Side. We are losing all of our smaller businesses in this neighborhood to the Starbucks and Duane Reades.