06 September 2007

Manganaro Gets a Sense of Humor

Saw this sign outside the Manganaro Groceria Italiana on Ninth Avenue. The shop feuded with the family members who owned the neighboring Manganaro's HeroBoy for decades, though, if you believe reports, they reconciled in recent years. The sign still carried the usual pugnacious message "Maganaro Foods is not connect to HeroBoy," but adds the somewhat self-mocking "But you knew that already." Perhaps they have mellowed a bit.

1 comment:

VeekNYC said...

No shot. Total bull. They still can't stand each other. I live around the corner and am good friends with Sal and his daughters.
Too many years of bad blood and courtroom wars (30+).
Stick with the Grosseria, true old school. Hero Boy is a McDonald's style fast food joint with red sauce.