12 September 2007

P & G Bar's Future Not Rosy

I stopped by the endangered Upper West Side P&G tavern recently to check up on its battle for survival, but learned nothing encouraging. The bartender, who seemed quite knowledgeable, said nothing had changed, and the landlord wasn't even negotiating anymore. "He just wants his money," he said.

To refresh your memory, the landlord's animal instincts long ago sniffed out the whacked-out real-estate market and started measuring out 65-year-old P & G for a coffin. Word was a bank was interested in the space. (Banks are interested in just about any place, really, these days.)

P&G's lease expires at the end of 2008, so the bar's still got a couple Christmases in it. But beyond that, it doesn't look good. There had been talk of the owners bringing in food to boost income. (The landlord wants $25,000 a month.) But there was no sign of the backroom kitchen being revved up. The bar once serve steaks, chops and the works, but let things lapse in the '90s.

One change I did notice. They now have on tap Sixpoint Beer, an excellent brew made in Red Hook. The bartender said it made its debut five months ago. Good stuff. Classic New York beer in a classic New York bar.

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