20 December 2007

The Macy's Gift That Keeps on Giving

I went to Macy's last night because I was in the area and I heard they were keeping late hours this year, so I thought I could get some shopping done.

Of course, the place drove me near mad, with its aisles of mundane merchandise and its lackadaisical sales staff. However, the visit was worth it for the escalators. Macy's possesses what are probably the only wooden escalators left in the City. They have wooden walls and many still have wooden tracks on the steps. Something about all that wood makes them emit a soothing clickety-clack that's quite missing from the usual steel-escalator experience. It's very soothing, something that could likely put a baby to sleep after a few floors.

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The Preppy Running Girl said...

I'm totally there with you! I love those escalators. When I am on them, I feel like Maureen O'Hara in Miracle on 34th Street.