09 June 2010

Get Your Awnings and Signs Right Here!

I write a lot about old signs on this blog, and awnings that often replace them. Usually I praise the former, and curse the latter.

Now I'm just commenting on these things. But the Internet works in funny ways, and I regularly get e-mails from people and companies thinking I sell signs and awnings. And they want to buy. At least I think they're real people. I've never responded to any of the e-mails. Here's one:

I am Bill Smith and I contact to know if you deal in Awnings. I would like you to get me a quote base on the specifications below. Dimensions: 2) patio awnings covered plus 12" - 18". I am donating the patio awnings to NEW HOPE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. What would be the total cost of 100 units patio awnings, plus tax. Advice the method of payment. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day.

Here's another I got the other day:

My name is Mr. Bruce McElroy, Bruce And Sons Inc, and am sending you this email regards in ordering some ATM Signs from your store, please if you do have them in stock, I will be very glad for you to get me their prices of each item. And also I will like you to get back to me if you do accept credit card for this order transactions if yes let me know so that I can advice on how to proceed now. Stay Blessed.
Maybe I should go into the awning and sign business. Ain't no money in blogging. Or journalism. Or anything I do.

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Brooklynbee said...

Actually the sign business is terrible now, too. My brother-in-law works in that industry and sales are way down. And he, too, is against bad signage, for the record!