08 June 2010

Ultimate Burgers & Dogs Puts Up New Sign

Last week, there was a localized brouhaha when Ultimate Burgers & Dogs, a restaurant on Degraw Street in Cobble Hill, took down an old, longstanding and beloved grocery sign from their storefront. Their claim was that the old sign confused patrons. To which claim I noisily clear my throat.

Now they've started putting up a new sign, which does not improve the situation in the least. Not terrible, but nowhere near as charming. I suppose the word "Ultimate" is going in the middle.

I still want to know if they broke the law by altering the facade of a landmarked buidling.


Elizabeth said...

From my understanding, even though they are not making a good decision, they are not in violation.

They could get a violation from landmarks if say , they put up a different style of sign without getting a variance before doing so (like one that protruded from the building,etc.)

TR said...

Here's a photo of the old signage:


Stephen Conti said...

Ultimate Burger = Ultimate screw up!!!

They lost a weekly customer because of it....