10 June 2010

Good Things Go, Bad Things Stay

You have to sort of wonder how the scrappy SoHo flea market lasted this long in a hostile environment. A remnant of the nabe's artistic, scruffy past, it's now finally headed for the gallows.  Curbed points out "there's a fresh real estate listing out there for the lot at Spring and Wooster." Gosh. I hope they put up a glassy condo or something.

Meanwhile, the Greenpoint Food Market, which everyone loves, and the Times said was wonderful, needs to be shut down, the DOH decided. Well, of course it does! Who wants a wholesome gathering of locally made, delicious foodstuffs? Not me. I want all those happy creative cooks to go through official channels until their expenses skyrockets and they can pass the cost on to me!

Lost City's getting tired. Lost City's city is lost.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a city more
predatory than NYC? Bureacrats
waging war against small business; look at the Red Hook vendors, who
had been there 20 years before they
got them in their sites, now this,
plus stories of little kids getting
ticketed for having a lemonade stand ! in front of their stoop;
now the City Council has a fatwa
out on the gourmet food trucks and
is going to put them out of business too for the crime of making an honest buck and catering to public needs; now they're sniffing around the new soda fountain in Carrol Gardens (just opened) looking to put them out of business too or get a hefty payoff