03 June 2010

Rat-Squirrel House Has a Door Once More

Looks likes the inspectors that spelunked through the infamous, sealed-up Rat-Squirrel House in Cobble Hill came back with a slightly hopeful report as to the derelict landmark's potential rebirth. Why do I assume this? Because everyone's favorite urban disaster now has a new door! You can walk in. You can walk out.

When the DOB swooped in on 149 Kane Street last year, they sealed up every window and door and opening with cinder blocks—after emptying the house of garbage and such, that is. The owner, who continued to live in the heap well after the place wasn't livable, was finally forced to vacate. It seemed that that was the end of the story for the neglected, century-old edifice. But it seems some soul out there wants to save the thing, rather than tear it down. Is it possible? We shall see.

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