11 June 2010

Von Westernhagen Restaurant, German Holdout in Glendale, Is Sold

I only just devoted a "Who Goes There?" column to it in April. And now Von Westernhagen is maybe for the drop.

Queens Crap, who was tipped off by a read who talked to the bartender, sent me the news that the restaurant had been sold. It is unclear if this marks the end for the German eatery, or if the new owners will continue the tradition. There is apparently some kind of party on June 19.

Cursed be me that I live in New York during the era in which its soul is willfully dismantled.

Lost City's looking for the exit.


Lori said...

I can only imagine how you feel, still living in the "Lost City," watching all old and good pass on to the world of "remember when." But we must remain optimistic or we run the risk of judging the new and limiting our future possibilities. I have friends that have told me to quit reading about all the NYC losses...but I can't. I wasn't born in NYC, nor did I grow up there. But I came into my own, in this city full of possibilities. I have faith in the magic that must - HAS to - still exist in the City. I just can't lose faith. Not yet.

Anonymous said...

vonWesternhagen's is having closed party. Invitation only.

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