12 June 2010

The Lost City List

Inspired by recent lists of places to go posted by Eater, the New York Times and others, I've decided to post a simple tally of classic, utterly New York places worthy of your patronage. Who knows is extra business will do them good and keep them open in this economic, political and cultural moment that is so aggressively hostile to history and heritage. But it can't hurt. I've divided it into Restaurants, Bars, Stores and Bakeries (because I love bakeries, and think every neighborhood should have fresh bread). (Last updated 7/15/10.)


Peter Luger (Williamsburg)
The Oyster Bar (Grand Central)
Four Seasons (Midtown)
Sammy Rumanian Steak House (Lower East Side)
Totonno's (Coney Island)
Di Fara's Pizzeria (Midwood)
Bamonte's (Williamsburg)
Brooks 1890 Restaurant (Long Island City)
Mario's (Arthur Avenue)
Dominick's (Arthur Avenue)
"21" Club (Midtown)
John's Pizzeria (Greenwich Village)
Fedora (Greenwich Village)
La Grenouille (Midtown)
Le Veau d'Or (Midtown East)
Sardi's (Theatre District)
Second Avenue Deli (Murray Hill)
Sarge's Deli (Murray Hill)
Stage Deli (Midtown)
Carnegie Deli (Midtown)
Smith and Wollensky (Midtown East)
John's of 12th Street (East Village)
Lanza's (East Village)
Katz's Deli (Lower East Side)
Donovan's (Woodside)
King Yum (Fresh Meadows)
Keen's Steak House (Garment District)
Heidelberg Restaurant (Yorkville)
Zum Stamtisch (Glendale)
Von Westernhagen's (Glendale)
Lombardi's Pizzeria (SoHo)
Grimaldi's (Brooklyn)
Patsy's (East Harlem)
L&B Spumoni Gardens (Bensonhurst)
Yonah Schimmel Knishery (Lower East Side)
Nom Wah Tea Parlor (Chinatown)
Wo Hop Restaurant (Chinatown)
Barbetta (Theatre District)
Sam's Pizzeria (Cobble Hill)
Ferdinando's Foccaceria (Carroll Gardens)
DeFonte's Sandwich Shop (Red Hook)
Skyview Glatt Kosher Deli (Riverdale)
Eisenberg Sandwich Shop (Flatiron)
Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden (Astoria)
Sammy's Rumanian Steak House (Lower East Side)
El Quijote (Chelsea)

Fanelli Cafe (SoHo)
Sunny's (Red Hook)
Holland Bar (Hell's Kitchen)
Pete's Tavern (Gramercy)
P.J. Clarke's (Midtown East)
Brooklyn Inn (Boerum Hill)
Teddy's (Williamsburg)
McSorley's Ale House (East Village)
Old Town Bar (Flatiron)
Bemelmens Bar (Upper East Side)
O'Connor's Bar (Park Slope)
Old King Cole Bar, St. Regis Hotel (Midtown East)
Jimmy's Corner (Theatre District)
Corner Bistro (Greenwich Village)
White Horse Inn (Greenwich Village)
Lenox Lounge (Harlem)
Rudy's Bar and Grille (Hell's Kitchen)
Ear Inn (SoHo)
Subway Inn (Midtown East)
Bill's Gay 90s (Midtown East)

Caputo Bakery (Carroll Gardens)
Mazzola Bakery (Carroll Gardens)
D'Aiuto Bakery (Garment District)
Rispoli Pastry Shop (Bensonhurst)
Glaser's Pastry Shop (Yorkville)
Poseidon Greek Bakery (Hell's Kitchen)
Rudy's Bakery (Ridgewood)
Trio French Bakery (Hell's Kitchen)
Madonia Brother Bakery (Arthur Avenue)
Addeo and Sons Bakery (Arthur Avenue)
Egidio Pastry (Arthur Avenue)
Moishe's Bakery (East Village)
DiRobertis Bakery (East Village)

C.O. Bigelow's Pharmacy (Greenwich Village)
York Barber Shop (Upper East Side)
Ottomanelli Brothers (Yorkville)
Worth and Worth Hats (Midtown)
JJ Hat Center (Midtown)
H&H Bagels (Upper West Side)
Sahadi (Brooklyn Heights)
Zabar's (Upper West Side)
Strand Bookstore (Union Square)
Three Lives Book Store (Greenwich Village)
Karl Ehmer (Ridgewood)
Economy Candy (Lower East Side)
Kossar's Bialys (Lower East Side)
Russ & Daughers (Lower East Side)
Pearl Paint (Chinatown)
Schaller & Weber (Yorkville)
Joe's Dairy (SoHo)
Manganaro's Grosseria Italiano (Hell's Kitchen)
Ess-a-Bagel (Upper East Side)
New York Central Art Supply (East Village)


EV Grieve said...

A great list, Brooks... This should be a clip-and-save (and frequent) for people...


Rusty said...

Some places I love that aren't on the list.
Sammy's Roumanian Steak House (Lower East Side)
NY Central Art Supply (East Village)

Unknown said...

How about DeRobertis bakery on 1st Ave in the E Village?

Melanie said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I have been to numerous places you mention on your list and they are wonderful. Sardis-etc. Will miss you. Good Luck with future endeavors. I will continue to read your blog and am glad you put such great efforts and love into it. I am an original New Yorker and have been around since the 50's and have seen gentrification wield it's wiley head.

Kelly said...

My favorite old time restaurant is El Quijote on 23rd Street in the Chelsea Hotel. It just celebrated its 80th birthday.
A pitcher of white whine sangria and a bowl of their mussels in garlic sauce, a piece of bread for dunking and I am in heaven.

Tip: ask to sit in the main room in front, with its wonderful old wallpaper and cozy lighting. The back room just doesn't have same feel.

Out walking the dog said...

I second Katia: El Quijote is a wonderful restaurant. Sorry you are giving up the blog - thank you for all the past posts.

Eleonora Baldwin said...

I am here via Ken Mac. On one hand I'm sad to see this blog close, because it is a treasure trove of authentic old New York culture. On the other I'm happy to have found it (better late than never) and the wonderful love-filled lists and tips you provide in it.

Ciao and GRAZIE,
Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino

Steve said...

Yes, how will the poor Four Seasons ever survive the evils of gentrification!?

Unknown said...

That's the Old Town Bar & Restaurant - not Tavern.

Moshe said...

Great list, and I'm pleased by the number of places on it I already support and pray will survive.

However, I'd have left out H&H, since I consider their bagels the most overrated in town. And I'm surprised your bakery list didn't include Orwasher's.

Sorry, I guess I'm just another cranky native New Yorker!

Your blog will be much missed.

Harlan said...

According to other online sources, the Trio French Bakery is closed.

I would also like to suggest adding McNulty's Rare Teas & Choice Coffees (West Village) to your list.

Unknown said...

Bamontes and Johns G.V. have gone way downhill and Wo Hops is strictly for the inibriated!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Two important omissions:
Bill's Gay Nineties (57 East 54th St)
Sunny's Bar (Red Hook)

Olli Sulopuisto said...

I created a Google Map for this and got started with the restaurants. Please do with it what you like, commenters: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid=

bongolicious said...

Defontes is SO good.

Best roast beef sandwich on earth.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Olli: I don't see the map, just a map of the US.