07 June 2010

The Sodas Are Finally Being Jerked at the Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain

The Jerks are here!

After a pause of a month since their Carroll Gardens space was transformed from an genuine old time pharmacy into a faux old-time "farmacy" and soda foundation by Discovery Channel "Construction Intervention" reality series, The Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain is finally open for business.

The place was fully stocked and fully manned with soda jerks, all wearing black t-shirts that said "Jerk" in big letters and paper hats. (You can buy the shirts and hats if you wish.) The shelves held local producers like North Fork Chips, McClure's Pickles, Rick's Picks and other things. And the old wooden drawers that once held pills are now filled with candy like Lemonheads and Double Bubble gum. The menu (above and below) is simple and features ice cream, sundaes, ice cream sodas, black & whites, shakes, sparkling sodas and, or course, egg creams.

It appears that part of the menu will be seasonal. Right now they're offering strawberry and rhubarb flavored desserts.

Had a hibiscus sparkling soda, which was excellent. They're made with real syrups and taste like it.

The DOH wasted no time descending on the place. Two inspectors were there, pointing their little flashlights and taking the milk's temperature.


P&H Soda Co., Inc. said...

Lost City,

So glad you enjoyed the Hibiscus soda! I think it's one of my husband's finest flavors.

Next time give the Cream a try and be on the lookout for seasonal flavors coming soon!


Unknown said...

And the egg creams are great!

contempt said...

Oh man, I want to play hooky so I can try a strawberry malted! Guess I'll have to wait until this weekend. Grrr... So excited.