07 December 2010

Barber Shop Remains Barber Shop

Giorgio Zocco, the head barber at Carroll Gardens' Sal's Hairstylists—and known to everyone as "Sal"—died on April 4 at the age of 70. Many thought the old Smith Street space would be converted into something chic and urbane. And it has. But it's still a barber shop. It's called Persons of Interest, which is one of the most unfortunately pretentious shop names I've ever heard. But the space, while slick, is respectful of Zocco's memory. The old barber pole remains outside, as does the wall-size mural of some Italian seascape in the back—probably Pozzallo, Sicily, where Zocco was born. $40 a cut. I may give it a try, if only to take in that mural one more time.

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foundinbrooklyn.blogspot.com said...

Yes that name is as pretentious as you can get..every day I walk by and people are getting their hairs cut with a beer in their hand..beer sells everything on Smith I suppose...thought you threw in the towel..glad you didn't!