08 December 2010

Goodbye, LES Youth

I spent my early years in New York on the Lower East Side, specifically Eldridge Street between Houston and Stanton. So the news this week just about stomped my 20s into the ground. Max Fish, the 21-year-old bar on Ludlow Street below Houston announced it would close for good in two months  owing to skyrocketing rent, courtesy of one Mordechai Weiss. Soon after, Max Fish neighbor The Pink Pony also said it was heading for the door.

I wasn't a regular at either, but I did visit on occasion, and both businesses loomed large in my daily life back then. Both owners say they will relocate elsewhere. Don't count on it.

Bad week for the Lower East Side.

Must every landlord wake up one day and decide to double the rent? Where's a wooden stake when you need one?


Anonymous said...

I feel ya. My wife and I first kissed at this bar over 11 years ago.

Lori said...

This is so sad. And makes me feel SO old. I was at my most hottest whenever I was at this bar. It defined my "it" girl, NYC-hip-status. Youth is dead. Screw gentrification! Forever!