09 December 2010

Staubitz Market Changes Sign

Staubitz Market, the 93-year-old butcher in Cobble Hill, recently changed their sign. The old one had been there as long as I can remember. The new signage is OK. Very spare. Dignified. Probably no surprise to anyone out there, though, that I liked the old sign better. A friend took the below photo of it lying on the sidewalk after being taken down.


Miss Lo said...

as long as they keep the fabulous neon sign in the window, i'm good with the storefront sign.

fifilaru said...

I like both. At least it is not yellow.

Anonymous said...

Not that the old sign was a thing of great beauty, but it was iconic. The new one is tasteful but not very distinctive. Ah well, as long as they don't change the inside (like Sahadi's did, and it was never the same).