14 December 2010

One Shore Lives, One Shore Dies

The day after reporting that the 100-year-old Shore Hotel had been demolished by Joe Sitt comes news that The Shore Theater has been awarded Landmark status. You lose one, you win one, you break even. Sort of. I kinda feel like the commission doesn't really care about any of these buildings. They just toss us a bone every now and then to keep us from yelping too loudly.


Marie said...

Thank you.

Yelp on.

upstate Johnny G said...

So I guess it is one step forward two steps back. Kind of looks as though the landmarking process has taken on the attributes of classic negotiation. It's expected that the preservationists will ask for more than what they really want in order to be assured of getting something, and the commission assumes their role is to landmark a small fraction of the proposed properties.

Marie, thanks for the heads up re the theater v. the hotel. At least the theater has a chance. I'm not sure how it will look sitting in the shadow of a 40 story glass tower, but I guess we'll see.