27 December 2010

Queens Chaos Caught

That the author of the blog Restless is a fine and artful photographer is no secret to anyone who follows the site. But the above image deserves special acclaim. He sent it to me as one of two of his favorite images of the year. The picture captures such an array of visual chaos, it comes off as a surreal collage, warped and off-kilter, the crazy New York we sometimes see in the harried prism of our mind.

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Velvethead said...

As anyone noticed the work being done at road level in Queensboro Plaza, specifically the arranging of broken up sidewalk flags on edge along the curb lines.
#1 It's flat out ugly.
#2 Labor intensive/wasteful.
#3 Watch how much trash will collect in the nooks and crannies between slabs.
Just another "green" idea for the birds.