05 January 2011

And Now a Word From Roma Pizza...

Yesterday, I posted an item about how Roma Pizza is taking over the long dormant Zito Bakery storefront in Greenwich Village. Today, I got this e-mail (I did not correct all of the spelling errors; that would have been exhausting; besides, the tortured language is sort of charming):
Dear Lost City Bloggers,
I just read your post on your famous blog..I appreciated a lot ...so let me answer to you about our story (a kind of romantic story)...
One years ago we visited 259 Bleecker St with some brokers unknowing that was the famous Zito Bakery. We weren't interested in this location: expensive and totally to rebuild. Sometime later we read/eard the Zito's Story and we decided to take over that location. We felt in love with it, definitely!
We worked so hard to renovate Zito.. It has been a great challenge, so much work inside, because the venue was completely wrecked inside. We did it all only cause of the love for Zito, the story of the neighbors about it, the support and the motivation that we received from people of the Village and our friends that live/work on Bleecker (we received also the congrats from Zito's Family)
Now we are almost done...We hope to open as soon as possible because we spent such as one year with contractors, plumbers, building department, health department, landmark commission...delays and delays...scheduling and rescheduling..


upstate Johnny G said...

Dear Roma Pizza,
I for one eagerly await your opening. The loss of Zito was very sad but your very nice letter shows a respect for our history, for the culture of the neighborhood, and fills me with hope.

enodo said...

Glad to hear we have someone good going in, who sells a product I might actually need!